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It looks like older models had abalone bindings on body, narrower headstock, split block fretmarkers. Some were produced with gray perloid fretboard and headstock as was the H During wartime they had wooden pickguard and tailpiece, and downgraded tuners, because of the lack of metal at the time. Wooden tailpiece and pickguard, downgraded tuners during wartime, because of the lack of metal at the time. One is seen with different shaped "straight" f-holes.

1937 Harmony Supertone Archtop Vintage Guitar

Early models thirties have a narrower, tortoise engraved headstock, and "stars" fret markers. Pickguard is thick solid plastic in early years, then molded from about It has a pressed, not carved top.

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Unusual sunburst pattern in bands. Neck has a trussrod from Steel reinforced neck bar in the neck but no adjustable trussrod. Early models only had "Monterey" stenciled in white on the head, then "Harmony" was added in red, then later replaced by a new logo with a musical note. Not seen in catalogs, one sample known with H stamped inside.

Can anyone give me info on this guitar? A Harmony Monterey Arch-top dating pre 50's

I guess it could be from around Results 1 to 5 of 5. Harmony Date Codes and Serial Numbers.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Harmony Date Codes and Serial Numbers There has been a conventional wisdom for the last several years as to how Harmony Date Coded their instruments and how they were read.

Harmony Guitar Identification

The general thought that I have posted here in the past is that they were stamped with a letter that stood for the season the instrument was built Summer, Winter, Fall followed by the two digit year. From some recent information that was gleaned from a former Harmony employee that has changed somewhat. I went back through my records of instruments that passed through my hands certain I'd had a W in the past. Everything I've owned a few dozen was marked S or F. Harmony apparently shut down for two weeks every July and there would be a rush to complete instruments by the end of June.

Can anyone give me info on this guitar? A Harmony Monterey Arch-top dating pre 50's

I see that is the most likely explanation for the date code. Here are some pics, but I'll take better ones tomorrow. Bump with more pictures.

magim.ru/scripts/hopkins/4414.php I'm guessing you'll find it difficult to get much info about your specific guitar, just because Harmony made so many guitars - including a lot of Monterey's, with so many different details. It's as if they used whatever was at hand at any given time. They claimed to have made something like a half-million guitars in alone, and were still selling well into the hundreds of thousands in the 's. Keep in mind Harmony sold guitars under many different brand names including Silvertone and Stella ; they just cranked them out.

That said, yours looks more like an early '50's Monterey. I don't think Harmony started making the Monterey line until the late '40's at the earliest, but I may be wrong. The headstock appears to have been partially refinished i. But that lettering is typical of early '50's models.

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It apears to be a lower-end Monterey, as it has the simple square-ish headstock rather than the more elaborate flared headstock Harmony used on its pricier models none of which were very pricey. The four dot markers note there's no dot marker on the 3rd fret are also typical of the budget '50's Monterey's.