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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Do you think Tiffany's relatives are partially to blame for TaeNy shippers being supposedly "delusional"? Started by Someone actually , Sep 21 This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. What about tiffany herself? They aware that their idol need boyfriends.

But delulu taeny shipper take to the extreme like they believe that taeny is lesbian and doesnt need any boyfriend, so anything goes wrong from that EDIT: But seriously, until i see a REAL pic or REAL fancam or anything that shows the two of them dating wherever or idk, maybe something as a proof, from then i will stop thinking delusional things related to TaeNy.

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Sorry guys, i dont have any intentions to be overly reacting towards these and i meant no harm to anyone. So lets all be delusional regardless of what ship are you rooting for.

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But, as chances of TaeNy are growing bigger as of today, evidences of khunfany too are still surfacing around. I was a Taeyeon Fangirl at first, then time passes by, and just what others says: SM is a business industry, they are ready to lie or make up stories to save their face. I love your post, gifs and detailed description. Honestly, I used to doubt Taeny relationship for many years. The way they worship each other are deniable.

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Tiffany satisfies everything about Taeyeon. It goes for Taeyeon too she's so proud of Tiffany existence. Where can we find this kind of relationship in the world?

I hesitate and dare not judge this couple anymore As a Locksmith I must acknowledge that sometimes TaeNy doing things like this in public eyes, for the sake of getting attention and maybe if they're too awkward to each other it's because of Locksmith worship them outrageously. This couple confused me before but now i realized they are not real only best friends but they are good at confusing fans. I believe that Fany has dated Nichkhun for few years. Wow great relationship and it's very hard feel when each other feel the same feeling.

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At first, I was very skeptical about the whole TaeNy thing. I've read other blogs by people who are TaeNy shippers and they were very mean spirited toward people who were also skeptical or denied the possibility. I was one of those people who kind of denied the possibility, not that I would think there's anything wrong with the two of them being together if they are; I just think by my nature, I look for facts rather than rumors.

I like that you gave details and things to look for when these two interact with each other such as the variety show hosting thing.

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If TaeNy is real, I would just wish them happiness and hope that they can be open about it without fear from ridicule from those who think it's wrong. They are my biases in the group: Thank you for this post! I felt the same with you. I'm not yet a big fan back then. I just started listening to their songs, memorizing their names, knowing their boyfriends.. Hmm, then I became curious with TaeNy.

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So I searched about them and why they were many shippers. I've read a lot about them, watched a lot about them, then I'm really touched.

Welcome u to TaeNyLand ^^

I'm admiring they're friendship eversince then I heard about locksmiths, and called myself as one of them. Because of your posts I think it's not only rumors based on my observations, I had a bestfriend but never in my life I treated her like the way Taeyeon does like "intimately" unless you had crushing over her, right? Teany seems realistic but really lately I've been doubting if they are real so I kinda need hard evidence you see I always shipped yoonaxtaeyeon for the fun of it but not serious. I've been sone since the genie era.

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Khuntiffany seems was like it was simple "likely you bby" but Tiffany realised her love for taeyeon was real. Or that khuntiffany only went out for attention towards the couple so that Jessica leaving issue will be sorted. We will never know but only hope. Btw is gg going to have comeback soon want my fav girlies coming back to slay. I'm still a sone strong love for gg even though my bias was kicked out of the group cuz of sm stands for shitty management. I hated when ppl blamed gg when jj Jessica Jung was kicked out only cuz sm didn't want having her own fashion line N sm not getting the money from it.

Sunday, October 14, is Taeny real? Hahaha, did my title get your attention?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Were you wondering the same like i do? Well, some people cant accept it, while on the other hand, many were hoping for it to be real. Whether Taeny is really dating one another or not, that wasnt the point.