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I knew we already had a lot in common in terms of family background, being Igbo It was nice meeting up with someone with that being at the foundation! Read my full story! The Igbo Introductions team are very attentive and I certainly felt always that I was dealing with real considerate people and not a machine. Follow us on social media to find out where we will be next! Subscribe to our newsletter to register interest for our upcoming matchmaking events!

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The Igbo Matchmaking Service. Real Relationships Real Talk. Our Ethos Igbo Introductions have a common concern for the difficulties young Igbo people face within the modern, particularly western, society. Register for your account. Why we use ID verification. How does it work? How else can I use my Yoti ID? I'm creative, caring and hard working. As well accomplished as she is, she has to upgrade her self esteem, until such time she will continue to coast along with a bloke who is just leading her on for more heartache.

Hey Watch man I have some questions about A Nigerian guy is there any other platforms I could find you on? Hello, and thank you. However, he does have a BS already, but is not using it because he found another desire which is nursing. He is working, actually very hard working at two jobs. Thank you, this has really helped me alot. Interesting story, how did that really happened , well love might have made them loved each other, but is the love pure, because there are previous stories about a man who married a white woman but was killed after five month of marriage.

This is great,it is one of the best news ever. Nigerians are working and that gives me joy and it really strengthen me to wish to do more than this, I thought most Nigerians abroad go through hell to find a decent job, well maybe I should leave that to another thread. The truth is, am dating a white girl aged 26 and our relationship is working fine and we had hope to get married soon Response, I am a African American woman, dating Igbo man by: Thanks for the responses, the good and the bad ones.

I know he loves me, he makes that clear in the way he treats my children and I. I am going to wait and be patient. He works two jobs…. Love is like a tree planted by the rivers of waters. I am active and stay busy. Your right, I can have any one, he can have any one, but I want him.

I am African American woman, dating Igbo man by: For crying out loud, we are no longer in the eighteenth century. The world is changing, likewise culture, believe, patterns, people and a whole lot. Thanks for visiting our site. Here you find all information about Nigeria, the culture, clothing, religion, business and a whole lot. The Nigeria Kitchen is a community of white and blacks who are interested in making easy and simple Nigeria foods. I will check the link out. I do my best in making dishes.

Jollof rice, nigerian cake, chicken stew, and suya. I am about to attempt Fufu… thank you Watch man by: Marrying igbo man by: Good lord this is the greatest news i have ever heard in my life, but the truth is try to make him love you more than ever, igbo men are some times harsh but with the way i viewed your own situation,i realized that the love is flowing in your veins, it is not an easy task for a white woman to love an african man especially an igbo man, but since you both loved each other according to the way god want it, all i will say is good luck to you dear am really happy to read this post.

Thank you for the wonderful comment. Any clues on how to make him love me MORE as you stated?? I love him much.

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I will continue to wait. We exercise together, laugh together and have had sad moments together. I had to let go of my ego because I was a single mom working taking care of my home.

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Mine had to go…. I will keep trying my best. He is worth it. I guess I have to get a little creative. I was invited to a picnic where he played soccer. His friends were there and it was great! I also recently went shopping and made Yam porridge, he like it alot! I am pretty proud of myself…Next I am trying Ogbono soup…hope that turns out well. Sometimes a day or two without actually talking to him on the phone.. I am trying to understand that he is doing alot and trying to accomplish alot.

I am trying to understand him. He told me I need to try to understand him and stop trying to figure him out. He loves me I know…that is only thing that is keeping me here…and ofcourse, I love him. Foods For Nigerian Men by: If you are dating a Nigerian Man but not too familiar with Nigerian foods, try out our perfect Guide For making Nigerian Foods, you would love it.

It includes both written and video guides Igbo man by: I am dating an Igbo guy also. I am six years older than him. Unlike my Igbo guy. I have happen to come across a youtube video that outlined how you can know if a Nigerian man is serious. I hope it all works out.

Love is main thrust of life. I am still in search of finding my King. Just curious as to why he is gone for 2 days at a time? Hi, thanks for your comments! He is busy with work, errands for family, church mainly, then i fit in. He is trying to get his life and career straight now. Good for you, igbo men are wonderful men. Mine is a citizen since 19 yrs old. And where is this you tube video?? You are just lucky to have an Igbo man. They are very industrious, determined and make the best husbands in Africa.

He LOVES you but remember to take care of his stomach and make him totally beleive that he is in-charge. Hello, thank you for your comments. I am trying to be patient. We have had our ups and downs. He is still working a lot, not much time to see him. I know he loves me. I have increased my Nigerian meal adventures! I have added Egusi soup and Ogbono soup, both turned out wonderful!

I give him the respect of being the man in our relationship. I am working as a R. I am just seeing this biological clock click by. I will be 42 this year.. Thanks again for your comments. Another reason why he is hesitant for you to meet his family is because you have children. But my dear just keep it in prayer.

My dear, been in the same situation. The fact that I had 3 kids stood in the way. His family would not accept him marrying a woman who already has kids. The earlier the better. I spent over 5 years waiting. African American Women dating African Man by: Dating was ok but I gave my heart to one and he broke it.

I gave it another try then married a Nigerian who left me moved away and is living his life with a whole new family. His parents attend his church, so they would know I have children and I talk about them all the time to his church family members. Igbo or American…not good! I hope your heart is healing.

I hope you can let your heart open to someone again. Thank you guys for responding!! Just know the culture before you settle in by: I was married to a Nigerian from Abujah not sure I spelled that correctly and after over ten years of marriage, I discovered he had been having affairs throughout our marriage.

I say Black because that is the group that my family has come to identify with. Be prepared that even though it may seem he prefers a monogamous relationship, he may later change his mind. Talk about it and look out for sudden changes in his patter of behavior. We have to be careful and patient when these men come our way to entice us to date them or be there lady.

They can be stubborn. My guy has his citizenship so not an issue for us. Its the time he spends with me that drives me crazy. And when his business, errands, favors, etc are done…then he comes to me. He has even been late for birthday dinner dates celebrations…both his and mine. I married man from same country, im american black female 30 yrs old. He met me when i was 21 in college he was We dated, he confessed his love, claimed be christian had my whole family liking him. Then we got married the ugly truth surfaced. I got pregnant first time he was ok, second time he begged me abort it, told me he never truly loved me after 3 yr marriage mark he filed divorce on me while i was carrying his second child.

We dated for year and half before marriage. I met his family, some flew here some live in the usa and not one revealed to me he had a wife. I had to see their past wedding photos on his Facebook after our divorce and all his family were there at their wedfing. I got used,abused and heartbroken. African America woman dating igbo man by: To the last poster, what you described was a high level of relationship fraud, I am really sorry that you have to go through all of that.

You had a very bad experience with a desperate Nigerian man, my guess is that he was feeding on you while the relationship lasted, I am really sorry. Did he give any reason for the break up? You said he was 27 when you met him, here in Nigeria it is hard to find a man that is married at Maybe, you were simply engrossed in love that you forgot to notice when something else was going on.

It is not your fault dear. Despite your experience, you need to know that there are still descent Nigerian men out there, the problem with most of them is adapting to the way and style of the western world. I am an american woman. It was with a guy from east africa. He gave me an incurable disease.

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At the time I was in complete shock. This was six years ago. I am at a much better place in life, but I have to live with the HSV disease for the rest of my life. Ladies not all are alike. Just get to know the guy very well and learn the culture. I have a cousin who was given the HIV virus from a guy she was dating and he is from the united states, both African Americans in their early thirties.

Be careful with anyone now days this goes to both men and women, Pray ask God for guidance. I was never promiscuous, wild, or anything. I just ended up with the wrong dude. Dating an Igbo man by: I have been married to an Igbo man for 25 years. We dated for 2 yrs. I can tell you that Normally they do not marry women with children. He may like you or even love you but his culture goes deep. You need to read on Nigerian culture. African culture is very strong good or bad. I wish I had read about Nigerian culture before thinking about accepting to date or marring my husband.

I believe my husband feels he should have married someone he had more in common. Although things could have been just as hard because Nigerian women are changing. My heart goes out to you because by now his family should know who you are.

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The signs are not good. Move on, time waits for no one. Hello, I am a black american middle age woman and I have been in love with a Nigerian man for over 2 years and a half now. He has been the center of my life and is surely my hero. He makes my life complete and I believe he is my destiny. I have heard so many negative things about you guys and I just wanna say, no matter what, if you are in love with someone in another country or not, just love honestly and watch your love grow tremendously.

You will never regret doing things together and for eachother the right way. I hope and wish to soon visit your country to show who I am that could help change negative lives into positive lives. I love people and has loved Africa from a child. Take heed to my saying and Love Honestly. We all deserve an everlasting true love. I guarantee you your attitude will change and you will live to regret it. I have been around all people from different countries in Africa, grew up around them and I have heard there conversations and them talk among themselves. The relationships they encounter with Americans, white or black are all for profit, whether it be for a financial gain or citizenship.

They target people that are vulnerable, like what they consider unattractive, but will lie and say they are attracted to… For example women that are overweight, ugly, older or young women with little children, broke, with some kind of low self esteem. I have heard African men talk about their own American wives among their friends in private. In their language calling them fat, ugly and lazy sitting around laughing, then go home to these American wives. After sometime the African men divorce the American wives and go get women from their own country and make them legal in the USA.

They also associate more with whites in the USA, but some do not trust whites. But still they would hold a white person as a friend more than they would a black American. I have family from east and west Africa. I know these things. I have seen fraud from African men with the marriage thing in my own family so many times. I am sooooo very sorry this happened to you. Some people are just bad people. I have met my share of evil and wicked men here in America.

I have found all are different in their own way.. Not necessarily good or bad…just different. In response to Trish by: I am glad my original post is getting folks to talk about dating and love issues. That evil man is not worth it. You have a life to live here on earth and make it count! Educate others and young children about your experiences. Hopefully you can do this without putting down an entire Nigerian culture. They are not all the same…. I am still hanging in there with my love. I still love him much!

He loves me too. Hello, This is a great story. Obviously you both love each other.

I hope to say that I have been married for 25 yrs soon…I am willing to understand his culture like he is mine. Actually he is at an advantage because he knows both well. He has lived here in American since he was a teenager. I am the one getting to know his culture. He is very sweet. He shows his love in a different kind of way. But when he shows me I know.

He wants to protect me, ask how my health is, take me to important doctor visits, fixes things at my house or will try, haha!! He has proven that he loves me in his own way…not by giving me flowers etc…but by being there for me when I need him.. I know the culture pretty well. I am sure there are things I will never understand completely but I will have to accept if I love him and want to be with him. Wow, I am glad you found true love. Enjoy the love you have for each other. I refuse to believe this. There are some, maybe many but not ALL Nigerians.

Everyone is a separate soul and individual.

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Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves…everyone! For the person that responded so negatively, I am sorry that you are surrounded by such evil and wicked people. Not all Igbo men are like yourself. And he loves my Nigerian meals…thank you to neesha by: I very sorry but he felix the commenter before you respond is saying you the truth. This is how we Igbo men really do feel about the black americas woman. My family disown me if I was marry a black american. No matter her education or cooking. In our culture it is taught to us at very young age to marry within our own tribe.

Our family honor the Igbo woman in our culture. This man not reveal his true self as of yet and may be he just using you, maybe for sex. Right now you no see it, because love is blind.

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Atleast when he does reveal himself, you can say people here told you before hand in this forum. Hi, I am new to this forum, found this headline by doing a google search. What does being a nurse and being able to cook have anything to do with keeping a Nigerian Igbo man?

My first cousin was married 4 years to an Igbo man. I just learned of her split a week ago, after hearing some family members talking about it. She just moved back in with her parents 4 weeks ago. She is from Texas and husband is Igbo Nigerian man. She is an occupational therapist and her husband a RN. They met in college here, she graduated a year before him. She found out recently he was cheating on her with a woman from his country. A woman that just flew here in the beginning of last year, that is attending the local college here. MY cousin is a smart, beautiful, intelligent, clean soft spoken woman.

A christian young lady who comes from a church going family. She can cook her butt off too…. I was shocked to learn of her divorce because she seemed so happy and so did he! You never know what goes on behind closed doors. It shocked our family. I feel sorry for her because she is quiet and never bother anybody, have no kids and is approaching She is not even quite out of her twenties yet. Now she has to start over, back living home with her mom and dad. The family was crazy about him, he attended church with her also, no signs of any troubles.

I hope your man is not that way, but from doing a research on their culture, i learned online and from word of mouth this is not as shocking as I thought. This seems to be very common. I know my relative can make it on her own, what I meant by feeling sorry for her, I mean I feel sorry for what she is going through. I should have rephrased that. She makes a lot of money, but from what I know she left her job to move an hour away back in with her parents. I believe going through things like that can take a toll on a person physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As of yet from what I know she is currently just at home, in the house not going anywhere after this recent split. I would advise Neesha to really pray about your situation before even considering marriage.

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I know our African American men can be bad too, but i never see them stoop that low by using American women marrying them and inviting them into their family, flying them cross country to meet family then dropping them like hot cakes. What places have you looked? Seems you are just not valued enough. No two persons are the same irrespective of their tribe race or background. I am an Igbo man in Nigeria.

I have been married for nearly thirty years to an Igbo woman like me. But she is so domineering, minds her self and her family before marriage, and has negative influence on our three children. This is one of her many disagreeable ways which she craftily covered from me and opened them gradually over the time. I have only a married sister, so no extended family attachment. When I think back now, I only see deceits and lies. I will have to quite the marriage to be able to continue with life or die before my time.

I may only marry again if I can regain confidence in women, though not from Igbo or Nigeria. You see, Who the cap fits, let them wear it. Situations and conscientious considerations are just the solution to life. I am happy for your future happiness God willing. Thank you for sharing. I have always said that not all Nigerian men are the same. You have to even break it down to their tribe, where they grew up, here in the states or in Nigeria,How old they are, etc etc…I know a they have bad name because of the few deceitful men out there.

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They have made a bad name for the whole Nigerian country of men. I am sorry for what happened to your family Lamonica. You only read the response. You mentioned what difference does it make that I am a nurse and that I cook nigerian meals.

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I was merely painting a picture of who I am. You would have to go back to my original post and not just base your comment off my last post. I am not desperate, I am in shape, fashionable, I look great for my age, I am loving and giving. He shows his love differently. Unless he gets a call from his parents, lol! He is already a US citizen, he wants to make sure it will last with me.

I have a strong american culture of being an independent woman. Fran6D I hope you find relief soon. I have met his parents many times at church, not introduced as girlfriend yet, but they are not stupid, they know something is up. They give me that look…lol to Previous Commenter above me by: I agree with you about mixing with your own kind, but do most Nigerians or African people look at all black americans as enemies?

The reason I ask this is because I noticed many Africans, not just Nigerians, but many Africans have a serious dislike for black americans. I had a discussion about this with coworkers and family. We all came to this conclusion from witnessing the drama working with immigrants on the job and the negative situations some of my family members experienced. At least ten women in my family married African men. On other sites like pof it can be impossible to find suitable partners. Datememe makes this straight forward with it's easy to use tools.

It's easy to find a partner in no time. On datememe you should see member pics and rate their pictures. Users can also rate your pics. The more ratings you get mean that your chances of finding a person will improve.