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Min-young told chef about it. Seung-pyo encouraged her that if Min-young win, he will grant her a wish and if she failed, he will console her. They had no choice but not to cut her hair. They were suppose to have eye contact and start talking to each other. One day, they decided to trick Soo-ah by cutting her hair. She had a shock at first but was persuaded by Min-young. Soo-ah had transform into a new person.

After Soo-ah gained her confidence, she called Min-young that she decided to confess but Min-young said that she was not ready yet. But, Soo-ah still decided to confess her love. Min-young decided to find Soo-ah. Byung-hoon who was worried about Min-young decided to find her too.

Byung-hoon wanted to pick up the necklace but dropped into the sea. Min-young went to save him. Byung-hoon scolded Min-young for not taking good care of the necklace that he had given to her. Twitter Facebook Like this: As he reaches to help her up, he stops, confused: While finishing their dish, Min-young asks if there was ever a person Seung-pyo wanted to cook for.

Byung-hoon heads next door to peek at the cooking lesson, scoffing like this totally means nothing to him. Will he fall for her too? It is decidedly so. I do hope that it takes Byung-hoon a while longer to fully realize he has any interest in Min-young, because tracking his jealousy and denial is half the fun. The agency gets the ball rolling and allows the relationship to begin, and then they take their paycheck and step out of the picture. There are no guarantees for the future. So for me, I enjoy the cases as cute, cleverly executed little examinations of human nature.

But I do find it a fun exploration of how people can be steered into a certain mindset or pathway by the power of suggestion. The Shape of Things is a great example of that concept.

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Are they con men or salesmen? What constitutes trickery, and what constitutes persuasion? Your email address will not be published. I saw Kwang soo's name and squealed. I'd been planning to start watching for a while, but that sealed the deal. I know I have a huge Running Man bias Thanks for the recaps, and for sharing an awesome show with us!

I thought this episode was much more interesting and compelling than ep 5: The game of who's loving who and who's manipulating who is more effective to keep me on my toes. Master is shady indeed and I'm dying to know his hidden agenda. In fact, I realized that I don't care much for the client of the week but I care for the team members and their interactions. We had a lot of Dramaception this week. Maybe we could tone down the [borrowings] tributes, just a little?

I keep thinking of him in the variety show and bursting into laughter spontaneously because of how afraid he is of Jia. Totally agree with you about the cast interest and the hmmm client story. I love how the cast interacts with each other. I agree that ep 6 was much better than ep 5.

I don't mind the client of the week, but I enjoy them for how it informs us of the main characters and their thoughts and actions. It's pretty much how I've taken them the whole show. Also, I've thought all sorts of things about Master, including that he's another high school friend who was in love with Yi Seol to the theory that he's Do Il who had faked his own death and had plastic surgery to come back and observe the proceeding.

However, now my latest theory is that he was in love with DO IL and never was able to tell his love either because Do Il had a fiancee or wasn't gay. Either way, the dating question from Master was definitely meant as some sort of prod against Byung Hoon. Me too, I got a gay undertone when Master said he never got a chance to cook for the person he cared about.

But I hope they don't go there. Master isn't at all a likable character, so making him gay on top of being vengeful and scheming is just I don't know, I hope we're wrong. I think most Big Baby Driver songs sound really similar so it's pretty easy to get them confused. Not the same song but a close one. BBD is basically used in a lot of dramas aired these days. As much as I like them, it's getting tiring and distracting. As for the instrumental, I'm formal: Looong bits of it. What instrumentals did it use from A Gentleman's Dignity? It's been used in Ep. I have all the inst.

They have the same theme song. I think its great so far, this show. Totally agree with what you said JB, regarding what this drama is exploring in terms of themes of relationships. Its not that unrealistic from what happens in real life to be honest - they are just helping socially awkward people who may not know how to organically engineer such scenes by themselves! A lot of relationships have an intricate social structure that can be baffling if a person isn't quite in tune with the broader social structure.

So I'm totally enjoying the glimpses into some of the engineering that goes into creating that first encounter and thereafter how the relationship is fanned for that first spark. I'm starting to subscribe to the possibility that SP was DI's brother or something Also totally enjoying MJ's unfolding cute romance which is absolutely adorable! Just wanted to also say thanks to one of the commenters in the previous recap who informed me that the OST song I was looking for was by Big Baby Driver.

Thanks DB community and JB! You guys are great! That's what I was thinking too, he could be a little brother who was in cooking school or went away to study cooking and when he came back his brother was dead. I think thats why he hates BH, because he thinks he is responsible for his dead and therefore doesn't deserve to be happy, or something like that lol.

It's hard to really know what's going in Master's head. I really like this show. I've no problem whatsoever with the cases, because I agree with JB: That said, I love how the cases help us see little snippets of our characters' personalities and the shifts on their relationships inside the agency. I do love the balance DAC is creating between being a "laugh out loud" rom-com Min-young's one liners and banter with Byung-hoon, our resident Master's minions actions, Moo-jin robotic reactions, etcetera and being insightful about love, relationships and the human character in this really mellow aura.

That would have been interesting! But I do like where the show is going so far.

Hope to see more interesting cameos too! I've been wondering about that guy with Hawaiian shirt? We only got to see his back on first ep, but he's always there and his appearance is gradually getting more exposure by each episode. I'm not sure if he's a ghost though, he called Master several times and unless Master has a delusion I noticed him too!

He is not a ghost because in one of the latest scenes I remember the waitress forgot her name right now is serving him something. I love all the little mysteries and the little details this show puts out: I am happy with the relationship developments, or should I say, inklings of potential developments, between the cast. Never mind their clients and targets; their stories are okay, but what I really think will make this drama cook are the internal affairs. And what's with Moo jin - I really like his everything black personality, but the guy's gotta be stoned.

Line 'em up, and I'll go for the lingering dark cloud presence fb every time. This show is really hitting the right notes for me. I had some qualms about The age difference between the two leads but you can hardly tell by the way they bicker. I think that was intentional, since her surname is "Dokko" as well and like the surname means, she's also acting like an orphan. It is amazing because they have such a big age difference and yet, both of them are working their "romance" so well.

I love their expressions when they are looking into each other's eyes. It is sassy, smexy, hot D Byung Hoon saying "You want me to show you a real sadist? Although I loved episode 5, I would say that this episode was an all-kill for me: I love her glares and the way she talks. It is so mean and yet, you know deep inside that she is nice. I laughed so hard when Byung Hoon said he is a masochist XD.

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At first, he didn't respond to her. I guess he didn't know if she was going to stay for a long time but then, even though they don't share deep conversations, I would say they really became teammates especially when she says "then, we will quit, huh? I wouldn't say that I'm not interested in the client's lovestory but as a viewer, I think you are more attracted to the agents' relationships.

But I do love the client and the target. Their story is quite interesting because heck, it is true that everyone is a little masochist when it comes to love and I want to know how it is going to end. I just want to add that it's a shame that the drama isn't doing well concerning the ratings. This episode recorded a disappointing 0.

I'm thankful that in an international scale, a lot of people are loving and compliment it but still. It is upsetting how netizens are complaing over the lack of originality of dramas and yet, they don't seach for good ones. To conclude, I'm proud of Sooyoung. Her acting really improved and I trust people when they say she became her character. These little expressions and gestures that she showed in that episode were natural and yet so fitting for Min Young. There was a really beautiful song that started 6 minutes into the show when Arang is motorcycling with Moojin.

Does anyone know what that song is? I like that song. I've been googling about it for 2 days now. I wonder if that song is by a boy group or solo artist. My guess is that Master was in love with Do Il and maybe his death had something to do with his upcoming wedding? Like, an accident on the way or something?

So far, this show manage to satisfy my craving of fun, breezy, and well-made rom-com. I hope it stays that way. Kwang-soo is hilarious as the client of the week, as expected. Byung-hoon and Min-young banters are fun as always, they sure do have the chemistry to make them work! The new cases and cameos every week are fun and interesting, but I suppose it's a good thing that what I like the most about this show is the main characters' dynamics. It means they're doing it right: I have wondered whether this is an elaborate agency setup between sungpyo and minyoung, especially as they had already researched her and that maybe this will be the one case they lose.

It's most likely a wrong theory but it is something I thought would be interesting to ponder. Also, don't know if anyone else noticed, but Byung-hoon's wearing lighter colored trench coats in this episode! Show's way of alluding to Byung-hoon opening up like a flower to our sunny Min-young? I've got it, The Master is gay, he was in love with Do-il being with Yi-seol because he knew Do-il wasn't gay and wanted him to be happy then Do-il killed himself and The Master blames Byung-hoon for some reason.

I'm with you on the Master-loving-Do Il theory, but don't think suicide went down. Must have been an accident since BH won't drive. I mean, he just has this cold, calculating, mysterious personality, yet kind of fuzzy and cute when he is with Min young. I may also be a little biased because he's my favorite clumsy chunderella from "Family Outing" Okay there is this one guy who is always in the restaurant. Seems to be the only dude in there btw. I don't know why but his presents seems uber important. He seems to be paying a lot more attention to conversations then he lets on.

I wonder if he's the one pulling the strings.

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What if he was a Cyrano client whose love connection ended up as a disaster as soon as the team left and he is seeking revenge? But if thats true whats his connection to SP? Is it just two people who have the same frame of mind when it comes to BH? There is something there I know it. I was noticing that too! Why is this same guy always in the restaurant, yet has not interacted?

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Seeing him that many times, I was thinking, like you, it's got to mean something. Leave it to Kwang Soo to play the Masochist! It's so funny to watch and I enjoyed it! Still don't trust Master but it was cute when he was smiling it her! Can't wait for next week! Here's what I wonder: Is Master taking a page from Dok Il's book? I completely believe that the 'suspicious guys' Cyrano Dude saw are the two thugs that work for Master, and that it was all meant to bring him to that window, so he could 'overhear' the date request.

As I said, this show needs a feminism upgrade. I pointed it out from the first episode, but the points against it continue, which is kinda weird, given this is supposed to be catered towards females. Makes me wonder if the writer is a male I think it plays on many women's fantasy about being in the centre of attention and being courted with so much effort. Somehow, it is a flattering sensation to identify yourself with the "target" and not be the hunter.

I can also imagine that if a woman did the same, the reaction would be like "don't you have any pride? So why bother plotting elaborate scenarios when one could simply buy some cosmetics by brand X, shoes by brand Y and clothes by brand Z ;. Did I mention a ridiculously expensive bag? Just wanted to jump in here because I am a strong feminist myself and actually admire the way that the show has handled its female characters.

Sure, all of the targets so far have been female but take a look at them. One was a strong-willed, inquisitive librarian who turned down numerous dates because she found them too boring and never noticed the sweet, lovelorn veterinarian who frequented the library for six months. The second was a capable class president who wasn't swayed by an idol's initially egotistical declaration of love. She also never went easy on the guy she really liked Arang when he fell behind on assignments. The current target is an independent and accomplished chef running her own very successful restaurant.

I might have too much faith in the show but something tells me that they will deliver on that: Being a girl isn't a talent. I'm still waiting for her to be a bit more than a character device. Naturally Dorky and an M is funny. I'd like this show to strike a balance between the love story in front and the love story for the clients. Three clients already and all are male Females can't also want that kind of service? Basic story, plotting and pacing are great. Booo, needs an upgrade. Is the writer male or female?

Jae Won can go either way Female clients can't happen. Scheming is natural to them. When they harbor a pure love, they can only acknowledge it after the man has made its move. There are lots of exceptions to that rule.

Plus they haven't played the Oblivious to the fact he's already card yet. Or even the, female that hasn't gotten dates because she's been too aggressive and she doesn't want to screw this one up Other Hong Sister's dramas also mix it up. In many dramas, the girl realizes it before the guy does and tries to take a little action.

Besides, female clients should happen. Just use some imagination Just like Min Yeong should have some talent other than having breasts and none of those. IRL, generally the men are the ones who need more help trying to attract the attention of the other sex. Most women seems to know what it takes to attract men, and if not, they can always ask their girl friends.

Heck, they can always ask their male friends, also. OTOH, I wouldn't mind having a female client as I think it would highlight a lot of differences in attracting males and females. It would probably be more boring, though. Maybe it could be a woman trying to attract a woman? I agree with you completely on Min Young, though. In keeping with the IRL vibe, she needs to have a real skill which would make someone want to keep her around instead of just her gender.

Otherwise, people wouldn't put up with her lacking. May be it could be that she's a quick learner with good intuition? I would have liked to have seen some more obvious skill, though earlier Are you saying someone who is a good person and has many good qualities is not worthy unless a they have a specific talent?

I'm more saying that I wish there was a reason why CDA and BH, specifically, would want her around in the first place. I agree that she has a way with people and humanizes the situation, but in BH's eyes I don't see that as enough for him to want to hire her, particularly since he just takes the point of view that love is just hormones. Now, if in the future, we see that there might have been some underlying factors for why he hired Min Jung e.

I do also think that she needs to be more than just a good person with good qualities. She needs to help contribute to the team, which thinking about it, she does in a way as she's very empathetic and can seem to bond very well with the clients and targets vet in first couple, class president in second, chef in third. It just sometimes feels a little ham-fisted. For example, with the chef, does she really need the milk idea out of the blue for the mushroom? I'm not a chef, so I don't know if that would even work, but where would MinJung come up with that idea anyways?

Aw, this weeks episodes brings me alot closer to the heart of the story and its characters. It is rather enlightening. Min young as a character on paper sounds sort of like a common heroine in k-drama but now that we know more about her I don't think she's just a girl that doesn't contribute anything. She's not the most badass or toughest heroine because that's not what the show set her up to be. Like JB said in the previous recap, she's kinda like the glue in Cyrano.

She helps people realize their own dreams and to set out to achieve them even if it seems impossible. She gives them hope. Before min-young, it seemed as if the boys were all robots and cyrano's only mission was to reach a goal with emotions detached.