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We were the same faith so I said to myself, what the heck and liked him back.

Mormon Authors and Mormon Writers are interviewed about their lives and their titles.

We started chatting but never had a proper conversation, both logged in at different times. One day he sent me a message and gave me his mobile number. Since then we have been communicating via WhatsApp. We fell in lov e. He decided to come to Malaysia and he did. He flew from Yogjakarta and reached Malaysia on March 1st. On March 4th, we got married!

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I found my love and so did he! We fell in love. After joining Oasis and not having much luck I was about to give up when I got an email with suggested matches. One took my eye nokiauk. The cast of 10 faithful members answered questions about creating clean comedy, doing missionary work, enduring difficult challenges, and even improving your dance moves.

We have some of the highlights here. Mallory said that the cast members all went to BYU together. They met in an on-campus group called Divine Comedy. Thank you for your positive attitude. Any ideas for staying cheerful in today's world? The bad things will pass.

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He reminded viewers that the good things are what will continue into eternity. Do you have any advice on how I can stand firmly for my beliefs, even if it means taking the risk of being ridiculed? The Microworld With Dr. Shoemaker, played by James Perry, is not a cobbler, he's a British "doctor of science". The premise of the series is examining chemical reactions, in which there is a "Microworld", such as oscillating colors being a mini teenage drama. There have been three segments of "The Microworld".

Eckelstone Matt Meese plays the aged Mr. Eckelstone, who characteristically exaggerates the danger of situations out of proportion, terrifying those around him.

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  • BYU grad, 'Studio C' star unite to promote new LDS dating app.
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  • LDS dating app teams with 'Studio C' star for new 'A Very Mormon Holiday' commercial | Deseret News?

Eckelstone is a driver's education instructor, a Boy Scout leader, and a Lamaze instructor. His catchphrase is "Deer! Debuted Season 2, Episode 1. Eckelstone has appeared in four sketches. Richards who mispronounces and reads words incorrectly. More popularly called "Old Man", he has been featured in three sketches.

The Pilot Played by Aaron Fielding.

LDS dating app teams with 'Studio C' star for new 'A Very Mormon Holiday' commercial

The pilot has appeared in 3 sketches. He loudly decries the actions of Matt and his friends as "The Devil's Work", believes women to be "The Offspring of the Serpent of Old" and often threatens them with belt lashings, burning at the stake, etc. Jedediah has appeared in three segments. Scott Sterling Scott Sterling, played by Matt Meese , is a legendary soccer goalie who is known for blocking shots with his invincible face. He is also seen playing volleyball. Jason Gray and Stephen Meek play the British announcers.

This is by far the most popular character with over fifty million views on the first video on YouTube and almost 30 million views on the second. Scott Sterling has been featured in four segments.

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He is commonly seen trying to get over the loss of Lily Potter , at the expense of others' love lives. He also co-hosts a talk show segment with Lord Voldemort, titled "Oh Snape! Franny is an exaggeratedly effeminate British macaroni in the 18th century. To the consternation of his foil, the masculine Captain Blake Matt Meese , Franny is adored by the ladies and is more effective at warfare and stopping crime. Franny is accompanied by his lute-playing assistant, played by Jeremy Warner.

Franny has appeared in three sketches. Humor results from the fact that Shoulder Angel feels the need to physically and awkwardly climb to a perch upon the right shoulder of the body of each character for which he attempts to act as a conscience. His catchphrase is "Poof! A variant on this skit is Shoulder Devil, also played by Meese, a life-sized, obese devil who also climbs the body of each character he attempts to tempt.

Debuted Season 1, Episode 2. Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil have appeared in seven sketches. The Smiths A family from rural Nebraska, Mr.

Smith played by Jason Gray, Mrs. They are about Mr.

Smith's evil brother Barnaby Smith played by Matt Meese along with three other evil brothers played by Adam Berg, Stacey Harkey and Jeremy Warner trying to steal the family farm because they got jobs that they thought meant farmer ant farm seller, Red Sox farm team and law firm. Recurring themes include Grandpa dying, Mr Smith's lack of common sense, and mixes between modern and past culture, ideas and technology iPhones exist despite women not being able to vote and being a democrat is illegal. There has been 2 Smith family sketches.

Spencer A baby, voiced by Matt Meese, that has the maturity and mental capacity of an adult, yet retaining all the physical needs of an infant. He attends college and humor results in the discomfort others have when they interact with him. He had a romantic relationship with another infant similar to him, Evelyn DeWinter, voiced by Whitney Call, who is now a class TA at his college.

Debuted Season 1, Episode 6. Spencer has appeared in four sketches. Star Feraldo Whitney Call plays an over-the-top diva whose success comes from appearing as an extra in hit movies. She however is delusional enough to believe that her appearance in these movies is what makes them successful, regardless of how little screen time she may get.

Her comedy comes from her personality, her poor vocabulary, and her refusal to do many everyday things. Her catchphrase is "Ah Nah! I don't do mornings! She has a shifting, ad lib jingle. There are three Susan Weebers segments. Each competitor maintains a poker face, but viewers hear what they are thinking. Jason is playing for enough money to buy a kidney but loses and ends up with monkey kidneys which later explodes.

Mallory is cocky and wins originally, only to buy a solid gold boat and must pay off her debt. Matt has no idea how to play poker and does what Mallory does to give the illusion that he does but knows how to play later. Jeremy constantly freaks out and eventually dies of panic. Jeremy's apprentice is Adam, who never looks at his cards and spills Jeremy's ashes over the table.

Other characters are the dealer, played by Stephen Meek, and the announcer, played by Whitney Call, who is only heard narrating the proceedings of the tournament, but is never physically seen onscreen.

There have been two Texas Hold'em sketches. Tongue-twisters A sketch where members of the cast attempt to perform very long tongue-twister. If any of the cast make a mistake, the sketch is immediately restarted.

Each tongue-twister has a letter that they alliterate. The first one was d , the second was r and w , the third s , and the fourth "b". Recurring elements include Stacey Harkey eating food during the sketch and Mallory Everton appearing suddenly from an unexpected place. Adam Berg does not participate in the tongue-twister but is the victim of some form of slapstick comedy from something done by Jason Gray.